Man! Despite the long rain delay, the edge-of-your-seat last laps of last night’s Pepsi 400 more than lived up to the historical name of the race – The Firecracker 400.
In a “we could not have planned this any better” marketing moment, Jeff Gordon’s win triggered a Pepsi promotion that allows everyone to get a free 2-liter bottle of the new Pepi Edge.
Simply go to and register today before 9:00 EST and you’ll receive a coupon for a free bottle. If you are reading my blog today, have a free Pepsi Edge, courtesy of Pepsi, Jeff Gordon and me, as a way of celebrating the 4th of July, the Pepsi 400 and my upcoming 400th post to this blog.
[IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: More than a few “legal marketing experts” have opined that lawyers should NEVER make references to personal interests on their blogs, especially interests that, in the opinion of these experts, might show that the lawyer is a human being or has interests in anything other than snobbish, high-falootin’ cultured and “professionally correct” things. Mentioning NASCAR is an example that has been commonly used as a “no-no” to avoid. My continuing response to these “experts” is and has long been: GET A LIFE! Any web marketing “expert” who gives you advice that suggests that you can be more successful by reducing the personality and individuality of your web presence betrays an utter lack of understanding of the history of the Internet, the reasons for site success (especially in the blog world) and how clients ultimately choose lawyers. I’ve given you more valuable information for free in this tongue-in-cheek disclaimer than you’ll ever get for the thousands of dollars you may pay to “experts” who encourage an impersonal approach. I now get over a million hits a year on a legal website that dares to be personal, human and individual, including specifically mentioning NASCAR if I feel like it, or anything else for that matter. Check out the web sites of the button-upped experts as a comparison and do the math. As is the case with all of the best and most popular legal bloggers, I’m a blogger who happens to be a lawyer rather than a lawyer who created a blog as part of a paint-by-the numbers marketing plan. Vive la difference!! Please feel free to use the language of this disclaimer when posting on a subject that the “experts” might not consider high-falootin’ and cultured enough. Declare your independence today from the “cult of hyper-professionalism” that wants to crush every element of individuality out of the practice of law and make lawyers conform to their dry and lifeless standards. And have a Pepsi Edge on me. It’s Independence Day.]