St. Louis has a very good local news blog called Blog St. Louis, even though it took an unfortunate hit recently by all-but-guaranteeing the Gephardt as VP pick. Hey, as rumors go, the evidence looked pretty good.
However, Houston has an awesome local stories blog in Houston’s Clear Thinkers. It’s a must-read for me just for its overall quality. With Houston’s news well in hand, they had the chance recently to skewer St. Louis’s light rail system in their post, “The Economic Absurdity of a Light Rail System,” which highlighted an article written by people in the St. Louis Office of the Federal Reserve.
A quick check of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website shows no mention of this article, indicating what we think of the “newsworthiness” of this item (or the possible consequences of living in a one newspaper town).
But, watch it Houston. St. Louis may still have thousands of homes without electricity or cable TV as we reach day 3 after a thunderstorm, and there may be questions about our light rail system, but we are still Blawg City, USA.