The Fed raised interest rates again today, making the second increase during this election year. Another increase is projected for September, with more to follow.
Has anyone done the research on the odds of re-election of a sitting president when the Fed raises interest rates three or more times in an election year? I have to think that the odds would be pretty slim.
It’s turning into a baseball-related campaign, at least from my point of view. I’m shocked that the Bush campaign is not running the footage of Kerry one-hopping the first pitch of that Red Sox game in every single commercial. The Dems are lucky that the Kerry in a bunny suit pictures kept that video from getting overplayed.
Ultimately, though, it looks like we have a classic “is it time to fire the coach?” decision ahead of us, especially as the “team” continues to drop balls.
With a third strike from pitching ace Greenspan, Bush may well find himself out on strikes.