I was a little worried that my negative reviews of John Edwards’ performance in last night’s debate might have knocked me off the Kerry-Edwards A-List. However, John left me a voice mail message personally inviting me to the post-debate party in St. Louis on Friday night.
It’s beginning – the relentless telespamming calls that make the periods before elections a living hell as the phone rings and rings. I’ve vowed to try to keep my cool in the next few weeks. I’m still feeling a little badly about how I snapped in the primary season and told some luckless volunteer that he had personally guaranteed by badgering me with his call that I would absolutely vote against his candidate.
On the other hand, we were all kind of impressed to hear John Kerry’s voice on the message. Perhaps he might record a personal answering machine message for us. President Bush, what’s the story? Don’t you have time to call us? My favorite of these calls is still when Barbra Streisand called me to urge me to vote for someone. Maybe they can set up a “please have one of these celebrities call me” list so we can hear from some of our favorite celebs.