When I first heard about John Kerry’s goose hunting extraganzer, the two words that flashed across my brain were “Elmer Fudd.”
In an era of campaigns that are so controlled, micromanaged and poll and focus group tested, it seemed impossible that any candidate would risk any event when any factor was not subject to complete control, let alone one that had so many factors out of control and all-but-invited a “Dukakis in the tank” moment or, worse, Jimmy Carter’s panicked paddle slashing at the rabbit that swam out to his canoe.
Reruns of cartoons of Elmer Fudd kept running through my head. Would Kerry make the mistake of wearing the classic Elmer Fudd hunting cap, a few sizes too large or too small? Even experienced hunters like Bob Knight have had hunting accidents. There are so many things that can go wrong.
What happened to his senior campaign advisors? Are they suffering from campaign fatigue?
I nervously awaited the news footage last night. I would have recommended bringing in a tailor for a custom-fitted hat and hunting outfit. However, even though the hat didn’t quite fit, he avoided the Fudd model. He hadn’t fallen, shot a wascally wabbit by mistake or anything else. Presumably there is some footage documenting that he is the one who actually shot the goose.
The choice of having one of the manservants actually carry the dead goose is open to some question, as is the wisdom of following up a resounding win in the Nickolodeon kid’s presidential poll with the potentially child-traumatizing scene of him shooting an innocent goose. There also was just a hint of Herman Munster on the hunt as he lumbered through the field, although that’s a subtle observation that says more about my childhood TV habits than about the candidate.
So, I say bravo! Here’s to taking a bit of a risk and stepping outside the totally controlled glass box of today’s politics. Bravo, too, for showing that you can shockingly offend the Hollywood PETA and Vegan movement with nary a concern of risking their votes.
Bravo, too, for me in my effort to reach a number 1 ranking in Google for a search on John Kerry and Elmer Fudd.