A little milestone.
I noticed that I passed the blog post number 500 milestone. That’s chump change for Howard Bashman, but it’s nice for me. It reflects well on meeting my original target of 3 to 5 solid posts per week.
Speaking of 500, last summer, I got the chance to take a special tour of the Indianapolis Speedway, riding around the track and seeing places most people don’t get to see. As I tell people, if you grew up in Indiana, as I did, or you are a racing fan, it doesn’t matter whether you are in a little tour bus, a race car, a bike or walking, when you first round turn four and see that big straightaway open up in front of you, you will definitely get goose bumps.
We also got the chance to get out of the bus at the start/finish line and have a picture taken kissing the original bricks at the starting line. Again, an amazing thing when, like me, you grew up with the Indianapolis 500 being such a big event.
So, now I’m at another 500 milestone. It’s cool, but the track tour was way cooler.
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