A Simple Map
Orienteering is a map of your life. Sometimes, a map leads to a dead end, and you don’t know what to do. Other times, the lines on a map will be confusing and hard to understand.
When I look at my life, it’s a lot like that. But there are good parts to life too. Like your compasses.
My compasses are my parents and my friends. My parents can teach me right and wrong, and can show me where to go and who to go with. My friends can comfort me in my saddest times, and they can listen to me when I am expressing my feelings to them.
They are all there for me, both my parents and my friends when I need them. They help me understand life at my most puzzling times.
My life is a mix of good parts and bad parts, full of ups and downs, and memories to treasure forever. When you think about it, a map shows you a new way to look at life.
– Grace Kennedy
I never thought I’d have a guest author on my blog. However, my daughter wrote two essays for her sixth grade language arts that I liked so much that I asked her if I could publish them on my blog. She agreed to let me do so. This one is my favorite, in part because I wish I could write an opening sentence like the one she has here. She doesn’t necessarily agree with how I’ve divided it into paragraphs, but I like it the way I’ve formatted it here.
I like the essays for many reasons. They are just good and read so well. There is a strong sense of “voice.” They also illustrate the wonderful way her teachers, in this case Kevin Navarro, have developed to teach writing at The College School in Webster Groves, Missouri. One of the tools they are using this year is something called the 6 + 1 Trait Writing Framework, which I want to start using for my own writing. I also think that it is great that these essays each went through at least four drafts, with distinct improvements in each draft.
We are so pleased with The College School and its unique approach to education. One example is the amazing sixth grade wilderness trip. Make a visit to the school’s website and, if you are in a position to help the school out, financially, through technology donations or otherwise, please consider doing so. It’s a wonderful place.