Via Xeni Jardin:
The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog is blog devoted to providing news updates and other information about the Tsunami.
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There are many good reasons to buy a copy of FeedDemon, but Nick Bradbury’s donation pladge is another very good one.
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Via Scoble, another first-hand report from Andrew Sutton.
Jeff Ooi – Lots of good info about ways to help.

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Om Malik – also includes links to some of the well-known bloggers who I may not have mentioned in this post.
The Belmont Club on a Pearl Harbor Analogy
From Watermark:
23,000 dead, and the toll still climbing.
God put out her hand and shook this world like a snow globe.”
What I was I thinking when I made casual references to the “information tsunami” when I spoke about email management topics this year? Those comments seem pretty silly now. I’m still trying to comprehend the notion that this earthquake changed the rotation of the earth, in addition to the devastation it brought. Let’s try to find ways to help.