From my friend Fred Faulkner:
It’s easy to forget that your friends might have brothers and sisters, sons and daughters in the military at risk around the world. It’s way too easy to forget that our armchair quarterbacking and political debating points may not seem quite so important to people who worry every single day about the safety of people they care deeply about. In part, I single out this post today because the first sentence, just a simple sentence, quoted below, hit me like a ton of bricks when I read it this morning.
Fred’s post reminded me of that and he also points to a fascinating way people are using technology to communicate and motivate our people in the military.
Fred says:
“As I have written before, my brother is over in Iraq fighting for this country. Rob told me about this Web site called Grouchy Media. It is run by a guy who couldn’t go and fight so he did the next best thing, publish motivational videos for the troops to download and watch.” Read the rest here.