OK, I admit that I fell down on the job and spent more time talking with people than looking at products.
To remedy the situation on the last day of LegalTech, I convinced Zen Master of Legal Technology, Michael Kraft, to give me a quick tour of his must-see products. As usual, he directed me to two compelling products/vendors. The first was nMatrix, a great electronic discovery tool. The second was KwikTag from ImageTag, a simple but compelling, low-tech, but high-tech tool.
If you read my blog, you’ll also know that I was very impressed with the new offering from Recommind.
Otherwise, I had some sense for the coming return of what used to be known as the application service provider model, which makes great sense and takes advantage of a much better platform and environment than it did in its first generation. Also, I see that the availability of cheap storage, memory, power and bandwidth has bought into play applications that weren’t possible or didn’t work well in the past.
Oh, yeah, blogs and bloggers were definitely hot topics.