For me, this blog is in part a place to experiment with different styles of writing. In fact, some might even think that this “All Request Tuesday” is a writing experiment.
The post in question was a result of three things:
1. I had read an article about how to write great press releases and I wanted to experiment with the format and approach.
2. I felt that if I wrote about the topics in a normal blog post, it would turn into a huge, rambling piece that I might not ever post. By limiting “my” comments to a series of quotes, I imposed some discipline on myself.
3. I was curious to see whether the techniques used in that post would have any impact on search engine rankings and wanted to conduct an experiment along those lines.
No post I’ve ever done caused more confusion among my regular readers or raised more questions about style and meaning than that post did. I’ll probably keep to my regular first person style for the foreseeable future, but I confess that I might get tempted to try that approach again.