As Evan Schaeffer has noted, visitors to a blog or website will often let you know about problems, mistakes, typos and the like. I’m always grateful for readers who spot these things and report them to me.
Unfortunately, because I am the entire staff of one behind my website, fixing priorities often falls into the realm of good intentions rather than good execution. It’s sometimes easier to keep a list of changes, updates and the like, and take care of them all at once.
Recently, I learned that a change in the physical server on which my site is hosted has resulted in a version of my site being displayed that contains some typos I’ve fixed before (e.g., “flat-free” rather than “flat-fee”). Because I moved away from a process where I used Notepad and an FTP program to manage my website to a much better process of using Macromedia’s Contribute 3, there can sometimes be some technical issues that take a bit more time to resolve than in the old days when I could make a quick edit in Notepad and FTP the revised file up to the server.
So, the answer is soon. Maybe not soon enough, but soon. Expect a round of updates across the board as well.