I’ve long admired Scheherezade Fowler for her “all request” days on her blog. Evan Schaeffer also answers questions from readers on occasion, although I have a sneaking suspicion that he makes up some of the questions.
In my own little tribute to the pioneering efforts of Sherry and Evan, I’ve decided to have my own “all request Tuesday” tomorrow (February 8).
Here’s how it works: email me your question on any subject you want and I’ll try to post an answer to the question tomorrow. If there are a lot of questions, I may take another day or two to post my answers.
The key ground rules are:
1. I will not answer any question that will require any response that might be construed by any regulatory body as legal advice. In other words, no questions about your specific legal issues.
2. I reserve the right to decide not to answer questions that I think will lead to uninteresting answers or have insufficient entertainment value (for me, not necessarily for you).
3. I will not identify the questioners (unless you really insist and I decide that identifying you will make the post more interesting to my readers).
4. Of course, I reserve the right to dodge any difficult question, change the subject or blatantly misread your question in order to answer an easier question than the one you actually asked.
For my convenience, please send your questions and requests to denniskennedyblog @ gmail.com. If you use my regular email address, that will be OK too.