I celebrated the second anniversary of my blog today in two ways that were just about perfect.
First, is there a better way to celebrate the anniversary of your blawg than with a long phone conversation with the legendary Ernie the Attorney? It was great to do a little catching up.
Second, I took advantage of an unseasonably mild February day in St. Louis to go on a long bike ride to and on the nearby Grant’s Trail. With a cold front heading our way threatening to take 40 degrees off today’s temperatures, I couldn’t resist. The temperature hit 74 degrees today, with not a cloud in the sky. Even the stiff headwind that knocked about 6 to 8 miles an hour off my speed on the return trip could not detract from this ride.
I enjoy having a nice bike trail nearby. Grant’s Trail is named for President Ulysses Grant and you pass by some historic Grant landmarks and Anheuser-Busch’s Grant’s Farm attraction. It’s a relatively flat, paved trail with two lanes and friendly people walking, running, biking and roller-blading. It’s five miles in length, with expansion in the works.
One of my favorite things about the trail is that it is next to the stables and grazing areas for the Budweiser Clydesdales. Many of them were out this afternoon and I noticed one very young colt.
If I ride the trail early on summer mornings, I’ll sometimes happen on a scene with the early morning sun shining off the remnants of a mist rising off the grass and the Clydesdales kicking it up in the fields. It’s quite a spectacular thing.
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