On February 15, 2003, I launched DennisKennedy.Blog using a quote from Babylon 5 as the title of my first post: “And so it begins.” As my friends like to point out, I’d been thinking about and talking about a blog for a lo-o-o-ong time before I launched it.
The blog was an early birthday present to I gave myself in 2003. My birthday is February 17. One of the interesting things (at least to me) in my life is that I have a surprising number of very close friends who have birthdays in the few days before and after my birthday.
I wanted to celebrate my blogging anniversary, my birthday and my friends’ birthdays with a special week-long blog party, from February 15 through February 21.
Here’s what you’ll see in the next few days:
+ Special free downloads! Including a PDF archive file of all my posts.
+ Gmail Invitations!
+ Discounts! On non-legal services, products and seminars ordered this week.
+ More Answers to Your Questions!
+ Acceptance of Your Linked-in Invitations!
+ Chances to Donate to SOme of My Favorite Charities! Use this link to donate to my favorite charities.
+ Chances to Buy Me Presents! See this special Amazon Wishlist.
+ Sponsorship Opportunities! Publicize your company by sponsoring a day of DennisKennedy.Blog Birthday Week.
+ Surprises!
Watch for more information and details each day! Email me with best wishes, questions, requests for info about sponsorships and whatever else is on your mind at denniskennedyblog @ gmail.com.
[Originally posted on DennisKennedy.Blog (https://www.denniskennedy.com/blog/)]