Well, today is my birthday. Dennis, that is, not my blog. I was born in 1958, so that makes me, hmmm, 47. Hard to believe.
Beating the sleep apnea problem last year has made a big difference for me and I look forward to this year with great optimism.
I’m also pleased to announce another special benefit for readers of DennisKennedy.Blog. I’ve arranged for readers of DennisKennedy.Blog to get a special viewing of two NASCAR qualifying races for the Daytona 500 today! All you need to do is to tune in to the FX Channel at 12:00 Central time and you will get a “private” viewing of two special 30-lap races this afternoon, presented as a token of appreciation for readers of DennisKennedy.Blog in honor of my birthday. No password required.
I have been overwhelmed by the number of people asking how to give me a gift for my birthday. As you may know, I’ve set up a special Amazon wish list to help you select and send a birthday present to me – just one more useful service from DennisKennedy.Blog.
I’d like to send a special happy birthday message to my birthday mates, Michael Jordan, Jim Brown and the rest of the February 17ers.
It’s hard to believe that I normally am about as low-key as you can get about my birthday. Give someone a blog and look at what happens!