I know that I’m in the extremely small minority of bloggers who believe that a tasteful logo sponsor ad in my RSS feed would be a good thing for “monetizing my blog,” especially compared to the randomly-served ads that cover many blogs these days. I also understand that the gatekeepers of ad-free RSS feed purity are making good arguments and, in some cases, are making good money from traffic-based ads, although that probably plays no part in the position they take on the RSS ads issue.
But, gee whiz, read the first example in the compelling Fast Company article on the future of online advertising called “Search for Tomorrow” and help me understand what’s so terrible about a non-intrusive sponsor logo or ad in an RSS feed that is controlled by the blogger when compared to that example.
Besides, even if bloggers did RSS ads, as pointed out recently about Sieblogs, there seem to be a number of RSS “repurposing” sites that will strip out identifiers and attribution – maybe you can get my ad-laden feed through them and they will have cut the ad out as well as another added service.
Sigh. Until this “ads in feeds” thing gets straightened out, I guess I’ll just have to pass on the “benefits” of randomly served ads on my blog and concentrate on parsing that “make money with blogs” vs. “make money from blogs” distinction. I continue to struggle with that one.
[DISCLAIMER: There may be some use of irony in this post].
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