The renowned Robert Scoble has one of the best explanations I’ve seen about the importance of bloggers in helping you get out your story about your company, product or service.
Set aside some time to read Scoble’s post a few times and to think about it and its implications. There’s a bit of “inside baseball” stuff in the post (but I concur that Buzz Bruggeman is amazing) that you can skim over for now so you can focus on the main points.
I’ve made many of these same points to people in private for the past year or so.
Consider these comments from Scoble:
“But, demonstrate you read our blogs and that you have something of value for our readers. Keep your message short and conversational. Don’t expect us to talk about you. Just present it as something that we might be interested in.”
If you’ve read my blog, especialy my posts about reciprocal link requests, you’ll recognize that Scoble and I have a similar approach.
When you consider the big picture, Scoble is absolutely right – bloggers can help you get the word out about your company, your product, your service.
That should raise some important questions for you. What can you do to help bloggers in return? What is a fair exchange? Does some notion of the Golden Rule come into play? Is it fair to pay someone more to empty your waste baskets than what you might spend to help bloggers who can create legitimate “buzz” on your company, product or service? Do I have to bring Hayek into the picture for you?
I don’t have the answers for you. You’ve got to decide how you run your business and live your life. I simply suggest that you think carefully about these questions and Scoble’s post.
The last thing I want to do is to turn my blog into something where people need to pay to get mentioned, and I hope that my comments are not construed in that way. That’s not what I’m about and I don’t believe it’s what the medium is about. However, I don’t think that it’s unreasonable for me to ask you to at least think about ways you might help me accomplish things I want to accomplish in my business and my life if I am able to help you accomplish things you want to accomplish. I am a little surprised that I feel the need to say aloud this very basic principle.
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