Fascinating question.
I did a little research and here are some of the actual questions I’ve found in emails I’ve received recently. Note that not all of them are candidates for “By Request Tuesday.
Does it make sense for me to fly into Chicago just for the Legal Blogger Dinner Event on March 30?
Can I see a list of the attendees for LexThink Chicago to help us make a decision about sponsoring the event?
Can you tell me what time the blogger dinner will start?
What are your thoughts?
An audio session?
Have I sold my soul?
Will we get standard A/V for these sessions?
What do we need to do to prepare for LexThink?
What is the future of the billable hour?
What are some of your favorite all time well-designed products?
Have you experienced a major degradation in performance from Firefox in the last two days, or have I caught something?
I’m back, what’d I miss?
When will you write the Shakeshop novel?
How do you define “blog”?
When and why did you start a blog?
What about the benefits for a small company to use? How has your blog helped your business?
What makes a good business blog, in your opinion? Why do you believe your blog works well? What makes a bad blog?
How do you get the word out about blogs?
How in the world are you?!
I had my surgery Friday. Did I tell you about it?
Do you recall what you received for your 11th birthday?
Have you considered the new TC 4200 that is supposed to be coming out this month?
Could I ask a BIG favor?
Would sometime Monday work?
Should we assume this is a Sybil split personality thing or that just one of you is coming?
Can you give me your thoughts on the practicality vs user friendliness?
Which IT vendors are most important and strategic to the success of your organization?
Conference call this week?
Would you be interested in providing “coaching” services to me?
Would you like to set up a call with our CEO and get a demo of the new product?
Could there be a trend here?
Can you handle?
What is the difference and why does it matter?
How does 2:30 Mountain time sound? Is that 3:30 your time?
Has it been almost a month since we tried to talk last time???
What’s the biggest mistake that small firms make when using litigation technology?
When should we talk?
Dennis, any more info on lunch?
Am I missing something?
Are you available for a quick chat on Thursday or Friday to discuss the LexThink program?
Two observations:
1. I’m starting to understand why I can never just buzz through email responses quickly.
2. I think this “By Request Tuesday” thing on my blog probably is a good feature for me to adopt. I seem to get a lot of questions.
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