I played a Professor Longhair CD today and felt like I needed to pick up the phone and call my New Orleans pal Ernie the Attorney. However, even as cool as Ernie is, it’s cooler to be listening to the Professor. So, I didn’t make the call.
In fact, on the list of my great musical regrets is never getting to chance to see Professor Longhair do a show in New Orleans. I might write about some of the other regrets one of these days. It’s interesting how my Professor Longhair regret now has expanded to include “and seeing the show with Ernest Svenson.” Such is the impact of blogging.
It turns out that Ernest was busy doing more of the things that make him the coolest legal blogger.
First, Shel Israel’s recent interview with Ernest has been posted and, as usual, Ernest’s insights are worth reading and thinking about.
Not to reveal any secrets, but a significant number of people who do not blog have made comments to me that “all bloggers do is talk about is blogging.” The funny thing is that when bloggers get together, they talk very little about blogging. You’ll notice that in this interview Ernest is always moving toward something more interesting than blogging. After the recent BlawgConnect 2005, a number of legal bloggers commented to me about how little of the conversations actually dealt with blogging.
The other thing that people have told me is that I should not start another blog – that I’m doing too many.
People do way too much calculation about blogging. If you really like blogging, you end up wanting to do what fits you best and blogging for yourself, not for calculated marketing reasons. The Achilles heel in the current “you must have a blog for marketing purposes” fad is that the most long-lived blogs have such strong and clear individual voices. The jury is still out on how corporate-voiced blogs will work in the long run.
Ernest today also announced his new blog called Tech Feng Shui, which he calls “the blog I really want to write.” That kind of talk gets my full attention. I got an early preview of the blog and will say that it’s a blog that I really want to read.
Although only a few people actually believe me, I chose the name of my blog so I could go in many directions as different areas of interest and voices evolved. Even so, I’ve almost started two new blogs this year already (that’s in addition to Between Lawyers). I really like the way that Ernest has used the new Tech Feng Shui blog to cover an important topic that doesn’t fit the Ernie the Attorney blogger persona.
Need any guest posts on Tech Feng Shui?
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