Bert Stern is the most influential teacher in my life. So much of what I try to do flows out of what I learned from and with him as a college student and through a 25 year correspondence.
I want to share with you a recent essay by Bert that appeared in the newest issue of Wabash Magazine. It’s called Being Here and captures something essential about Bert and what it takes to create a life that has meaning. It was a joy for me to read and I sincerely hope that you take the time to read it as well. Trust me on this one.
There is a phrase Bert uses in the essay, “community of trust,” that captures perfectly an idea I’ve been working toward over the last few years. I often use the term “communities of interest,” but that never felt quite right. “Communities of trust” describes it perfectly.
It won’t surprise you that Bert is someone I’ve been trying to edge closer to the idea of blogging.
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