Robert Coram’s biography of John Boyd has fuelled my interest in Boyd, OODA loops, military strategies and Fourth Generation warfare. This will come as no surprise to those of you who know that I always list John Robb’s Global Guerillas as one of my favorite blogs.(Well, a blogger has to have some hobbies).

Boyd is considered one of the most brilliant strategists of the recent era and I highly recommend Coram’s book about him.

The good news is that Boyd, now deceased, has a number of colleagues who carry on his tradition. I think that you have to be up to speed on these matters to have a chance of trying to understand our modern world.

A week or so ago, I was talking with a former cop about the recent Cessna incident in Washington, DC air space. No matter how we tried to put some kind of positive gloss on that incident, we failed, and I walked away from the conversation feeling a bit more pessimistic.

William Lind’s essay, Of Cabbages and Kings, helps me understand why the incident and the response to it is disturbing. Lind is one of Boyd’s proteges. As we approach Memorial Day, you might want to set aside a few minutes to read Lind’s essay.

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