I have been talking with people about doing audio seminars or podcasts for the past year. As you may know, I’ve done a couple of webinars for Fios on electronic discovery and I’ve been pleased to hear about the traffic the on-demand electronic seminars I recorded for Merrill have done.
Zane Safrit of Conference Calls Unlimited interviewed me for what technically was my first podcast.
People have talked to me about a number of types of podcasts or “internet radio” shows. Examples have included a regular interview show and a “reader’s guide” to what’s worth checking out in the blog world, in addition to webinars on various topics. It should surprise no one that we have been talking about both a Between Lawyers podcast and a LexThink podcast.
To this point, I’ve been the hold-up because I wasn’t convinced about the medium. My opinion has changed dramatically in recent weeks and I’ve been telling people that listening to the Adam Curry / Ron Bloom Podshow Strategycast was a watershed event for me.
I’ve become very intrigued by the medium and its potential. I want to explore the idea of podcasting and potential podcast efforts with much more urgency. I’m about to start actively looking for partners, sponsors, producers and others who want to work with me in producing shows in the podcast medium.
I think that means the answer to your question is “yes.”
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