I get asked this question a lot. I’ve been talking with Yvonne Divita about turning my eBooks and perhaps other writing projects into books or booklets that Yvonne would publish through her print-on-demand publishing business.
I’ve written three chapters of the brand new fourth edition of Flying Solo, published by the ABA’s Law Practice Management Section. The book’s official release is June 28 and there is a pre-publication discount available. I’ve seen page proofs for a good number of chapters and I was a co-editor of the technology chapters. I think it will become a must-have book for any lawyer (and perhaps other professionals as well) who has started or plans to start a solo practice.
I’ve also contributed a couple of chapters to an upcoming ABA book on information security issues.
For the most part, however, I’m more interested in shorter works and audio these days than book projects, although I do discuss ideas people have for me from time to time. I’ve turned a couple of those down. I have talked to people and have found myself receptive to the idea of doing a co-authored or multiple-authored book.
And, every time I see someone mention as a new and novel idea something that is in the draft of the book project I worked on in 1998 called “The Fully Connected Law Firm” (publisher went out of the publishing business in mid-project), I get tempted to resurrect that project.
However, I don’t foresee any new books for traditional publishers on the horizon as solo efforts from me.
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