I’ve been working on the notes from the LexThink 1.0 sessions in order to start releasing them in a public form on the LexThink website. The first installment will appear tomorrow.
This morning, I found the line, “a successful firm must have courage,” in the notes about “creating a culture” from a session on what successful professional services firms have in common.
A successful firm must have courage.
This idea fascinates me, and brought me back to the energy and sense of purpose I found at LexThink 1.0. It also emphasized for me how essential it is to return to simple, fundamental questions.
What does it mean for a firm to have courage? How do you create a firm that has courage as a key cultural trait? Would you want to work at a firm that values courage? Or, perhaps a better question, why wouldn’t you always want to work at a firm that values courage? Then, what are the implications of working at a firm that either has courage or does not have courage? Is courage part of innovation?
We don’t have this on the LexThink conference schedule (yet), but wouldn’t it be cool to spend a day or two working on the question “How do you create a firm that has courage?
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