For those of you who were curious . . . .
Doctor Jeff and I had great luck on Saturday, landing sixth row, orchestra pit tickets for the St. Louis Springsteen show. These are the best seats I’ve ever gotten for a Springsteen concert. Our results for the Milwaukee and St. Louis shows almost make up for the terrible luck we’ve had for the last few tours.
For those of you who like to keep track of these things, my best reserved seats for concerts have probably been:
second row, right in the center, for John Cougar Mellencamp; second row for the Joe Strummer version of the Clash; second row for Neil Young on his great tour with the country band, the International Harvesters; fourth row for Midnight Oil; and fourth row for Neil Young’s “grunge” tour. I’m probably forgetting something that a friend of mine will remind me about.
This doesn’t count the results of various efforts to work my way to the front of shows, especialy in the days of festival floor seating before the Cincinnati Who concert tragedy (like others of my age, I do know someone who was knocked to the ground in that incident, but fortunately was not hurt). I’m also not counting shows in very small venues.
There are, of course, plenty of not-so-good seats on my concert list.
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