My Dad would not want anyone to make any fuss over this, but I learned last night that today is my Dad’s last day of working and he is now officially retiring.
We all knew that he wasn’t going to stop at age 65, nearly 4 years ago. Early this year, my Mom said that Dad was talking about actually retiring. Then Dad said something about it. Then we heard maybe the end of July. Then we heard that he had actually gotten the paperw to fill out.
As I mentioned, Dad wants no fuss over this and I’ll say simply that Dad’s retirement is well-earned and that, obviously, much of my work ethic and attitudes about work, working hard and doing good work were learned from my Dad and his example.
It’ll be interesting to see what Dad does in his retirement. He just bought a 1953 Ford pickup to restore and my brothers apparently have plans to get him involved in some of their projects. My daughter has some plans to get him to teach her how to weld one of these days when we get back to visit them in Indiana. However, I suspect that Dad might take a day or two to relax.
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