Mitch Wagner at Information Week has set off a fascinating discussion that, frankly, has some profound implications, with his blog post “Why Kids Aren’t Getting Into IT.”
The money quote:
“Kids these days are worried about money and survival, in a way that we haven’t seen since before the baby boom. The kids who will enter college in a few weeks are kids who turned 14 when the planes hit the World Trade Center. They spent most of their adolescence, the time when kids get ready to enter the world of adulthood, learning about terrorism, war, the economic downturn, outsourcing, layoffs, increasing deficits, the health-care crisis–am I leaving anything out here? They resemble, in outlook, the generation that grew up in the Depression and fought in World War II. They grew up knowing the world is a scary place.”
I don’t know if Mitch is right, worng or somewhere in between, but his post prompted quite a discussion in the comments section and it strikes me that he raises some questions that we all should be spending a lot more time thinking about these days.
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