I returned from the recent ILTA conference and noticed today two blog posts I seem to have inspired.
First, Alex Lubarsky returned from a bit of a hiatus with a great post on electronic discovery issues on his Alextronic Discovery blog. The post mentions that I got to meet Alex at ILTA and notes a comment that I made that was part of the reason that Alex got back to posting on his blog. I appreciate that Alex noticed the wryness of my comment to him. Although I’m flattered, I’ll take his kind words calling me a “blawger legend” with a shot of wry.
Second, no list of the very best legal bloggers is complete without the name of Evan Schaeffer on it. I’m honored to have played a small part in Evan’s decision to take up blogging. Evan has a new post that he notes was inspired by me in which he wryly discusses at some length the use of the F-word in legal pleadings and his own personal history of using the word in his writing. I’ll note, in my own wry way, that I’m flattered to be the inspiration for the post, I think.
All of which reminds me to mention the new “Thinking E-Discovery” column (first column here) that Evan, Tom Mighell (a true blawger legend whose blog just celebrated its third birthday) and I are writing on the DiscoveryResources.org site. By the way, I’ll note in a wry way, the only use of an F-word you’ll see in our column will be the word “forensics” or the word increasingly being uttered by lawyers who lose cases because they know nothing about about electronic discovery.
Hey, it’s great to be back home after a long trip. I’ll be writing about some of what I learned at ILTA in the near future.
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