Glenn Reynolds has a great list of organizations you can donate to for assistance in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
B.L. Ochman and Evan Schaeffer recommend the Red Cross as your best choice.
I have not yet seen or heard of systems being set up via Amazon or elsewhere as happened after the tsunami, but would be surprised if we do not see that.

Ernie the Attorney’s most recent posts
are highly recommended to give you a flavor of what is happening.
If you go to Technorati, you can set up a watchlist (with an RSS feed) to view reports from bloggers and other news updates in one place.

Denise Howell has also pointed to the National Geographic’s list of relief organizations
From the Slidell Hurricane Damage Blog is a reference to a special Craigslist site for New Orleans related to relief and other efforts. A bit more detail on the same topic can be found ont the Lifehacker blog.
There is also a Katrina Aftermath blog that will probably provide good information and resources. Note the recent post about how spammers hit the contact email shortly after the site launched.

Robert Scoble has another good collection of pointers to news and resources
. Among them is PoynterOnline, which among other things, points to this useful Guidestar database.
If words don’t convince, then John Robb has pointed to a collection of pictures that might.
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