I must confess at this point that I was hoping for some easier questions for my By Request Day.
Interestingly, this question comes from someone who I believe really does “get” it.
This comment, as you note, might have several meanings.
First, it can simply mean that you agree with a point that the person has been saying for years and rarely finds someone who agrees with the point. This may be a good thing or it may be a bad thing, depending on who is doing the talking. It’s a mixed blessing when someone whom you otherwise think is a wacko starts slapping you on the back and saying that you “get” it.
Generally, however, I think the term gets used to described someone who is able to see the “bigger picture” and appreciate the context in which his field or subject fits. The comment also suggests that you have some ability to see patterns where others don’t realize that they exist. That can be a gift or a curse.
Someone who appreciates the fact that Google currently returns an article on Arnold Schwarzenegger as the first result on a search on “he gets it” probably really does “get” it.
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