Some people do not understand the invitation-only approach that we are taking for the LexThink!(tm) BlawgThink event. In part it’s due to space constraints, but it it also has to do with our “unconference” approach for this conference and our desire to create the best experience for our attendees that we can.
The first set of invitations have been sent out. With the exception of one rather grumpy law professor, the invitations seem to have been well-received. Just kidding. We invited some of the nicest law professors we know.
We’ve held some invitations back for sponsors and for a second round of invitations.
All you have to do is get in touch with Matt or me, tell us about your interest and get us your contact info and we’ll get you on the list. At this point, we are especially interested in finding non-bloggers who are interested in becoming bloggers (or learning more about blogging) and established bloggers who can provide different perspectives to legal bloggers.
Updates and information on BlawgThink will be provided at the LexThink website, which now contains the agenda for the event. We’ll be announcing speakers over the next few weeks.
Also, if you are interested in speaking at or sponsoring BlawgThink, please let us know and we will talk with you about the details.
I hope to see you there, but you will need to request an invitation in order to attend.
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This post brought to you by LexThink!(TM) – The Conference, Re-imagined. LexThink! – Think big thoughts, do cool things, change the world. Coming soon – LexThink BlawgThink – the legal blogger unconference.