My daughter wrote a short book review for a class assignment that was published (along with one of another of her classmates) in last Sunday’s issue of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch – her first print publication. It was part of a cool thing the newspaper is doing to get middle school students to write about what books mean to them.
Regular readers of this blog know that I’ve posted two of Grace’s essays on this blog here and here.
Grace was very excited about this. I was way more excited than I get when my own articles are published. As I’ve mentioned before, I really like the way her school, The College School, teaches writing and the way they help their students get recognition for their writing.
Because I don’t know whether the link to the newspaper site will be permanent, here’s the text of the review:
What this book means to me
I don’t think I’ve ever come across such a descriptive book so close to real life as “Nobody Was Here” by Alison Pollet). It made me really see the cruelness, hard and painful lives middle schoolers can have. I not only recommend it, I love it!
Grace Kennedy, 7th grade
The College School

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