One of the things I admire about Evan Schaeffer is the large number of continuing featurettes he has on his blog.
The only featurette I’ve been able to do consistently, and the one for which I’ve earned the greatest criticism during my blogging career, is my “by request” days. Come to think of it, I think Evan gets criticized for some of his featurettes, too.
Undeterred by my critics, who, not being bloggers themselves, generally seem to have some misconceptions about how blogging is actually done, I’ve decided to have another “by request” day.
You know the drill. Email me questions you have for me at denniskennedyblog @ and I’ll do a series of posts answering these questions on either Thursday or Friday.
I have some questions already in the hopper, but you know that I can’t resist trying to answer really interesting questions. Of course, I reserve the right to duck certain questions.
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