Here’s an update on LexThink BlawgThink, the legal blogging conference Matt Homann and I are are putting together on November 11 – 12 at the Catalyst Ranch in Chicago.
As with the first LexThink conference, BlawgThink is an invitation-only event. The first round of invitations went out today. We recognize that it is inevitable that we will, much to our embarrassment, overlook some people we want to have on the list, so we’ve held some invitations in reserve. So, if you want to attend BlawgThink, please let us know as soon as you can, so we can get you on the invitation list. We do have a limit on the number of attendees because of the space we have selected, but we want to have as many people who woould like to attend be able to attend.
We’re also working on finalizing speakers and sessions. My preference is to select the speakers we want and give them a fair amount of freedomm to present what they want on their topics.
We’ll gradually announce the speakers and agenda. For now, we’re very excited to have Ben Cowgill as a speaker on legal ethics and blogging (and tell the story of his work on Kentucky ethics regulation of blogs), Kevin O’Keefe on marketing through blogs, and the RethinkIP guys on either practice-specific blogs or group blogs. BlawgThink will also feature the first appearance by Matt and I on the same stage for a presentation.
I also encourage you to check out the LexThink blog (feed), which will keep you updated on BlawgThink and is the home of a good number of posts Matt and I have done on innovation in the professional services industry.
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This post brought to you by LexThink!(TM) – The Conference, Re-imagined. LexThink! – Think big thoughts, do cool things, change the world. Coming soon – LexThink BlawgThink – the legal blogger unconference.