Matt Homann has pre-announced the upcoming LexThink BlawgThink Conference we will be holding in November in Chicago. More details will be forthcoming in an official announcement next week.
We have been surprised by the response we’ve already gotten to Matt’s pre-announcement and I wanted to give you a bit more information.
The event will be invitation-only. Some readers of this blog are, of course, already on our list, but, even though we think that we have ample space for BlawgThink at Catalyst Ranch, it probably makes sense, given the initial response we’ve gotten, to let us know of your interest in receiving an invitation so we make sure that you are on the list.
This event will be the largest gathering of legal bloggers in history (since I organized the current record-holding event, I’m confident in making that statement.)
The basic agenda for the conference is:
Day 1 (November 11): A series of panel discussions featuring some of the best-known legal bloggers, with a focus on practical issues and lots of opportunity for question-and-answer sessions.
Day 2 (November 12): Now that you’ve learned about blogging, we’ll spend a day in the LexThink collaborative discoussion and brainstorming style on the topics that most interest the attendees. It will be a unique opportunity to spend time with some of the legal bloggers you read on a regular basis and the other attendees.
Do you have to be currently blogging to attend? No, but you probably will want to have a strong interest in either blogging or finding out about what blogs can do for you and/or your organization.
Do you need to be a lawyer to attend? Lord, no! We’d like to put together a diverse group both inside legal blogging (law profs, law librarians, law students and others) and non-lawyer bloggers (marketing, business, consulting and professional services, to name a few).
In order to keep the registration fee as reasonable as possible, we are also looking for a limited number of sponsors for the event. If your marketing budget has room for a chance to get yourself involved with this type of audience (and, really, whose wouldn’t?), please get in touch with us.
To let us know that you want to be on the invitation list or are interested in sponsor opportunities, email us at either matt @ or dennis @
As I indicated, more details will be forthcoming soon, but I wanted to give readers of my blog an early opportunity to get onto the invitation list.
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This post brought to you by LexThink!(TM) – The Conference, Re-imagined. LexThink! – Think big thoughts, do cool things, change the world. Watch for details on LexThink’s BlawgThink.