While I’ve been on the road, Matt has been posting a lot of updates on BlawgThink 2005 on the LexThink blog and The Nonbillable Hour. Take a look.
We’re thrilled with the speaker slate that we have put together for BlawgThink.
Via Matt, here are some of the recent additions to the list:
“Tim Stanley of Justia (former CEO and founder of Findlaw) is talking about search engine optimization in his session “Why Google Loves Blogs.”
Carolyn Elefant of My Shingle fame (and in my opinion, the single greatest source for practical information on small firm practice) is giving her take on Small Firm Blogging.
We have a pair of tremendous law librarians, Bonnie Schucha and Diane Murley of WisBlawg and Law Dawg Blawg, respectively.

Patrick Lamb
will be talking about blogging in a medium size firm.
Henry Copeland, Founder and CEO of BlogAds will talk about the Zen of Blogging.
Steve Dembo, teacher, technologist, and podcasting pioneer.
Tom Mighell, legal technologist and blogger extraordinaire will be involved in our Five by Five, which we have moved to lead off the day on Saturday. (The Five by Five will feature 5 (or more) of the best-known bloggers giving quick comments and tips on 5 topical issues.)
And Ernie the Attorney. Enough said.”
If you still want to come, there is a bit of time to let Matt know at Matt@LexThink.com or contact me directly.
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