Matt has posted some updates on the BlawgThink 2005 legal blogging conference over on the LexThink blog, including some speaker anouncements. I’m thrilled by the speakers that we have in place and will be announcing soon.
Here’s a preview.
I read an article tonight on legal ethics issues for lawyers using online marketing techniques, including blogs, in the current issue of the ABA Journal (unfortunately, the ABA Journal does not make the articles in the print version of the magazine available on its website).
The article quotes Ben Cowgill and Will Hornsby, two authorities on the ethical treatment of legal blogs and other online ethics issues. They will be speaking at and leading our session on ethics at BlawgThink.
That’s an example of the level of sessions we’re trying to put together for BlawgThink. Think about it. For more information on BlawgThink, visit the LexThink website. We want to see you there, whether you are a current blogger or whether you just want to learn more about where blogging is moving the legal profession and the practice of law and where it make take your practice.
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