Matt and I are so pleased with the response to BlawgThink 2005 both inside and outside the “blogosphere.” We are amazed by our speaker list, have a stellar list of attendees and anticipate two truly valuable days for everyone who will be there.
We are also grateful for the generous support we’ve gotten from sponsors, who are making this event possible. We’re happy to have attracted support from a great mix of blogging, innovation and technology companies who are enthused about hte world of legal blogging.
We’ve posted information about our sponsors on the LexThink blog, but I’d like to give a shout-out, as they say these days, to our BlawgThink sponsors: Intel (our platinum sponsor – see the resource center for lawyers accessible at and, in alphabetical order, Box.Net, CasePost, Gyronix, LegalZoom, MindJet, Netcentrics and Six Apart.
As you may know, MindJet and Gyronix are providing attendees with licenses to their great software products, MindManager Pro and ResultsManager, respectively.
A number of other companies are providing giveaway items and prizes for drawing.
As I’ve mentioned, Matt and I have turned our focus to the event itself, but would be happy to make time for inquiries from new sponsors and your request for an invitation to attend.
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This post brought to you by LexThink(TM) – The Conference, Re-imagined. LexThink! – Think big thoughts, do cool things, change the world. November 11 & 12 – LexThink’s BlawgThink 2005.