A few observations:
I find myself saying “thank you” so many times at BlawgThink. I’m so pleased with the job our presenters have done. Question: Does blogging, as a communications tool, also help make people great presenters?
As we hoped, we have as engaged and active an audience as I’ve seen at a conference lately. There has been a really good exchange of ideas and information. A number of attendees and speakers have posted from BlawgThink and I encourage you to search them out.
I learned tons of things today – from the sessions, from the attendees and just from hanging out with everyone here.
My biggest smile and “thank you” was for the moment when we got Ernie, Tom, Marty and me together for the first time (and Ernie and Marty met in person for the first time). It was also the first time we’ve ever had four of the five of us at Between Lawyers together in person. Thankfully for Denise, we considered, but decided against, making a late night call to her from all of us.
I’m looking forward to a full day today of talking with this great group of people here at BlawgThink using the Open Space method.
Back to work on the event.
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