I have been thinking quite a bit lately about DennisKennedy.Blog and the directions I want to go with it. I’ve gotten some constructive criticism lately (or at least I think it’s meant to be constructive) and some good suggestions from a number of people.
The four comments that seem to arise most often are: (1) the posts are too long, (2) the blog should have more focus, (3) jokes or other attempts at humor should be labeled, and (4) the posts are way too long.
So, I had been thinking about “reinventing” the blog before I saw Hugh McLeod’s great drawing called “if you can’t re-invent yourself.” Now I’m working on at least a modest reinvention of this blog for 2006. Reinvention, from time to time, is a good thing, I think.
I’m also encouraging people to let me know your ideas and suggestions.
What’s in the works? Here’s what I’m considering:
1. Shorter posts. People have convinced me that “long posts” should actually be done as podcasts.
2. The biggest change I’m considering is to move completely to a question-and-answer format, much like the Ask Dave Taylor blog, of which I’m a big fan. There’s always been a good response to the “By Request Days” (other than by people who got confused the first time I did it). Someone told me that they really liked the Q-and-A format for my writing and, as I’ve read Dave Taylor’s blog, it seems attractive to me. Just to be clear, I’d be making up most of the questions are using the questions as titles of the posts, although I’m sure that the format would lead to more audience questions.
3. One thing that became very clear in 2005 is that blog advertising and blog advertising networks are now considered quite acceptable. I’ve had some reluctance to go very far in that direction, but now will move in that way. Your sponsor and advertiser inquiries are now welcome.
4. I also think that the blog’s focus will be more explicitly on technology – legal technology and the impact that technology has on the law and the practice of law.
But that’s just my current thinking – I’m not sure yet what I’ll finally decide – and I do have some other ideas as well. I invite your reactions and suggestions.
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