My daughter and I are big fans of the Monk TV show. My wife is a much more casual watcher of the show.
So, Grace and I have been gearing up for the season premiere of Monk tonight. Yesterday, she decided to invite three of her seventh grade classmates (also Monk fans) over for what we are calling a “Monk-Fest” to celebrate the new season. I understand that I will be allowed to watch the episode on the same TV that they will be watching, but then will probably have to clear out of the way.
I’m also gearing up for the first four hours of the new season of 24, which starts Sunday night. I’ve long been a fan of that show. Unfortunately, I don’t have any friends who are fans that I’ll be inviting over for the premiere. I’ll be waiting to see what other bloggers who watch 24, such as Professor Yin and Fred Faulkner, have to say about the new season. However, it’d be more fun if geography weren’t an issue and I could watch the premiere with Professor Yin, Fred and a few others simply by walking over to his house or having them over to mine. That’s one of the limitations of the blogosphere.
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