Longtime readers of this blog will know that I like to do something now and then to show my appreciation for my readers.
Last year, I had the idea to use the week of my blog’s anniversary (February 15) and my birthday (February 17) – this blog was an early birthday present to myself in 2003 – as a way to have a reader appreciation week. It seemed to work out well last year and I’ve decided to have another blogiversary / birthday week this year. It’s meant to be fun and to help me remember not to treat my blog or me too seriously.
So, I’ll have a continuing set of blogiversary-related posts this week and some regular posts as well. I’d also like to answer your questions, so ask away and I’ll have some “By Request” posts this week too.
I’ve put together some special features, some free downloads, some discounts on some of my consulting and speaking packages, and some surprises. And three big announcements below.
I want to thank the people, like Ed Poll, who have already wished my blog and me happy birthday. Best wishes to Ed, who is celebrating his birthday by going to a professional cycling camp, something I’d like to do someday.
Let’s jump right into the three big announcements for the week.
1. In a HUGE announcement, NASCAR has decided to recognize my willingness to mention that I am a NASCAR fan, despite the preachy advice you get that lawyers should never mention any personal interests or show any personality on their blogs (especially not for stock car racing or anything else seen by these critics as not professionally dignified), by graciously scheduling this year’s Daytona 500 on Sunday, February 19, as the capper to blogiversary / birthday week at DennisKennedy.Blog.
2. As a special gift to my readers who would like to extend the celebration an extra day, the US government has generously designated Monday, February 20, as a holiday. That’s the kind of appreciation I want to show for my readers.
3. The Law List on PubSub jumped the gun on this week’s celebration by listing DennisKennedy.Blog as the #1 law-related blog on Saturday February 11! To go from our modest blog beginnings to the coveted #1 slot is an accomplishment that I am quite proud of, even if I did notice the irony of achieving that ranking when I didn’t post anything that day or the day before. No matter – it was still a #1 ranking and I’m planning to have the screen shot framed. I see that I’ve slipped to #2 today, but you can still tell that I was #1. I’ll let wiser minds than mine try to figure out what that all means.
Please enjoy the week. Take it in the spirit that it is intended. And, thank you so much for reading this blog and being part of the network that it has created.
[Originally posted on DennisKennedy.Blog (https://www.denniskennedy.com/blog/)]
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The official announcement.