I must admit how I am flummoxed at how people who brag about how they use their Tivos to skip commercials seem to watch and study commercials during the Super Bowl.
However, let me address the question.
1. The game was not very good, but Hines Ward had an MVP game and the Jerome Bettis story line was a great one. And the Steelers had a atrick play that worked. The game was not the worst of the three choices, although the clock management of the Seahawks at the end of the first half and at the end of the game reminded me why I don’t like to watch college football games anymore.
2. Admittedly, I don’t get the fascination with commercials, but I did see a colleague from my old law firm, Andy Puzder, now CEO of Hardee’s in a commercial. Being able to say that you know someone in a Super Bowl commercial is kind of cool. So, for admittedly a personal reason, the commercials were not the worst, although I think most of the advertisers would have gotten a zillion times more bang for the buck by advertising on blogs – but you knew I would say that.
3. With all the prep for this event, did anyone think of doing a sound check for the Rolling Stones? The sound was terrible. The recording of “Start Me Up” that plays over the PA at every sporting event must sound about ten times better. I don’t think that we need an extended version of “Satisfaction” last night or ever. I found myself thinking, “Let’s get back to the game. Will this ever end?” Yet another of those odd cultural events that was better in concept than reality. So, the Rolling Stones get my vote as the worst of the three.
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