Matt Homann has announced the next of our public LexThink! events – the LexThink! Lounge on April 19. Matt has all the details in his post, but here are some highlights:
When: April 19, 2006
Where: Chicago
Presented by: Dennis Kennedy, Matt Homann and JoAnna Forshee.
What: A salon-like gathering of some of the brightest minds in legal technology today (100 invited guests).
Beginning at 4:00 pm, and continuing into the evening, the LexThink! Lounge will combine LexThink! collaborative brainstorming techniques, Open Space facilitation, and small discussion groups with fine food and drink to create an amazing atmosphere for in-depth discussions about the future of legal technology, with a special “5 by 5” panel discussion featuring some people you will really want to hear. And bowling.
We’re working on both the sponsors and the invitation list. If you want to attend or become a sponsor, let Matt know – matt @ (You can contact me, too.)
Many of the attendees will be alumni/ae of the previous LexThink events, like the wonderful and generous Yvonne Divita, who has written recently about what she liked about the LexThink approach to conferences and events.
While LexThink is best known for the public events, we also do private retreats and unconferences for organizations. Contact us for more details about out private conference options.
I hope to see you at LexThink! Lounge.
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This post brought to you by LexThink!(TM) – The Conference, Re-imagined. LexThink! – Think big thoughts, do cool things, change the world. Ask us about private LexThink retreats and conferences for your firm, business or organization. Coming soon – LexThink! Lounge – April 19, 2006.
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