The temperature today hit 75 degrees and I had to go out on my first long bike ride of the winter. I took my usual route – Grant’s Trail. The good news was that the gap between my hoped-for level of fitness and my actual level of fitness wasn’t as big as I had feared it would be. The bad news is that someone seems to have made the hills a little higher over the winter.
As I rode today, I realized that part of what I like about bicycling is that it is a form of moving meditation, giving you both a time to think and a time to slow your thoughts down.
Part of the reason for this comes from the safety issues. It’s not safe to ride while listening to an iPod on headphones or talking on a cell phone. Checking email on a Blackberry – pretty dangerous.
So, you get a time of relative quiet and removal from distractions – a good combination for most of us.
Now, if there were only a good, safe way to capture the thoughts and ideas that flow while riding . . . .
When I returned from my ride, there was a single yellow crocus blooming in our front yard. It’s not spring yet, but it’s a taste of spring, with a promise of more rides to come.
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