Mark Cuban has a great post called “The Internet is old news and boring.. Deal with it” that will challenge your way of thinking about the Internet and its implications. Challenging your thinking is a good thing.
A few money quotes:

+ Its not the net, its the applications stupid !
Falling costs to create , host and deliver digital bits enable entrepreneurs to be entrepreneurial. Kids can save enough money these days to buy a computer and create applications their friends can use and maybe even buy year round for less than they can buy a decent lawnmower to mow lawns with only in the summer. Its the brainpower that is changing our world. THe internet is just a utility to deliver the digital bits they create.
I cant wait for my daughter to ask me why people used to get so excited about the internet and I can tell her that after the first few years it made no sense to me either.

+ The net hasn’t made the net better. Its better pricing, capacity and performance for all the things we use to run all the applications that attach to the net that have made the net better.

+ The biggest compliment I can pay to the net and to all those pioneers who got it to this point is that its boring.

+ What we have seen are incremental applications that have been powered by the amazing ongoing drop in pricing of PCs, hard drives, memory and BACKBONE (not last mile) bandwidth. None of which are “the internet ”

Some interesting things to think about, whether you agree or disagree, as the Internet becomes more and more ubiquitous. Maybe it’s now time to stop capitalizing the word “Internet.”
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