I haven’t answered requests on my blog for a while and thought I might open things up for requests for the rest of the week.
I do the “by request” feature as a bit of an homage to one of the bloggers who had a large influence on my blogging style, Sherry Fowler at Stay of Execution. Sherry has done “by requests’ for a long time. For those who don’t know, Sherry was one of the earliest lawyer bloggers and helped pave the way for the use of a more personal style among some long-time legal bloggers.
Here’s the way my “by request” feature works. Send me your questions, preferably by email to denniskennedyblog @ gmail . com. You can also leave them as comments to this post. I’ll see how many I can answer this week.
Let me start by answering a question I’ve gotten a lot in the last few days – “are you at the ILTA conference?”
Nope, not this year. ILTA is one of the major legal technology conferences in the US each year. Even though I used to be on the board for the ABA TECHSHOW, I now have to say that ILTA is my favorite legal tech event. I’m disappointed I had to miss it this year and I’ve been following blog posts from those attending the show. I’m sure that everyone there is having a great time.
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