Lots of interesting posts coalescing around a theme or meme for me today.
I was listening to a fascinating podcast of a discussion between Jon Udell and Phil Windley about identity issues in our Internet and post-9/11 world. Highly recommended. Interesting stat from the podcast – 20% of identity documents get lost (do you know where your original Social Security card is? Birth certificate?).
They also mentioned P3P, a concept whose name I was trying to remember during a conversation last week, wondering what had happened to the idea.
All of which connected to the VRM – Vendor Relationship Management – an idea that Denise Howell brought to my attention here (part 3 of the podcast Denise mentions is especially recommended). My initial reactions are here. Start with this article by Doc Searls to learn more about the idea of VRM.
This evening, I caught up with this recent post on VRM from Dave Winer. Dave also pointed to this post from Kim Cameron on the topic.
As Cameron says, “This is exciting stuff.”
I love it when a meme comes together. This is one to watch. I’m especially intrigued by combining the concept of P3P (not the reality of it) with the idea of VRM and identity management. In all events, the Udell/Windley podcast should definitely be on your listening list.
Watch for more of my thoughts about podcasting and its benefits in an upcoming post soon.
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