I’ve become a big fan of podcasts lately and and am trying to find a good way to cover podcasts in this blog.
For a great example of why I like podcasts, I’ll point you to Business Week’s series of podcasts featuring its Technology and You columnist Steve Wildstrom. It’s a great resource to learn about basic technology.
Two recent podcasts cover Office 2007 and Windows Vista. In about twenty minutes or so, you’ll hear an excellent overview of the new products, what the features that matter to you might be, and some tips on what you should be thinking about in preparing for and moving to the next generation of Microsoft products. (RSS feed for Wildstrom podcast here)
Want another great example?
I highly recommend Ed Poll’s podcast interview of Adobe’s Rick Borstein on the legal features of Acrobat 8 and how Acrobat 8 will benefit lawyers. Rick, an excellent presenter, is on top of his game, and there’s no better way for lawyers to learn about Adobe 8. A highly recommended 21 minute audio.
Just a sampling of the many great resource out in the world of podcasts.
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